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Rajasthan Rural Life

Genuine Innocence and Warm Hospitality

Rural Life in Rajasthan

The villages in Rajasthan have their own unique charm. You can observe the most simple form of lifestyle here. It is rather difficult to spot a village till you actually step upon it.

One in a village, holiday makers observe that the people in the villages learn to survive even in the most difficult situations of life. They follow simple living pattern that has been unchanged over the years. The people live in circular huts with thatched roofs and walls covered with plaster of clay, hay and cow dung. Affluent Zamindars living in larger villages own bigger houses.

An assortment of people from different communities living in the villages are divided on the basis of their profession. Every house i the village has a separate place for worshiping. The people offer prayers to the calender images of god to seek benevolence and protect them against all odds.

People in villages generally prefer vegetarian food. But on special occasions non-vegetarian dishes are taken. Dinner is the major meal of the day of the village families. Breakfast and lunch are frugal.

From transport to ploughing, the villagers depend on camel, the ship of the desert. Even the postman brings the mails on the back of a camel. Gas fired stoves have not yet reached the village doors. Though electricity is available but it is an interrupted supply. So, the kerosene lamps still illuminate in the nights of the village. The government has made provisions of telephone lines even in the smallest villages. Television is a new marvel in the village homes. Villages are connected to nearby places through a network of roads.

The ideal way that enables a tourist to explore the rustic side of the state is a jeep safari or a short walk. Make halts while you enjoy the true taste of Rajputana village life. A tourist can also go for a camel ride. Women dressed in colourful attires around the community well will certainly grab a tourist's attention. There will be children running about freely or studying in an open air school. Men will be seen discussing important topics or general issues.

Genuine innocence and warm hospitality of the villagers stands above any attraction seen in the city.

Some of the prominent villages in rajasthan that are a must see include villages in the Shekhawati region and typical villages around Jaisalmer and Bikaner.

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