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Urs at Ajmer

Dedicated Towards Establishing Eternal Peace Of Mankind

Urs Fair Ajmer

Location : Dargah of Moin-ud-din Chishti, Ajmer
Time of the year: First six days of Rajab (7th month of Islamic calender)
Highlights: Mehfils (religious assemblies) and quawwalis (musical extravaganza)
Significance: Marks the death anniversary of Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti

The Urs Fair, Ajmer is held in the memory of Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti at his memorial (Dargah Sharif), where the saint has been entombed.

The Khwaja arrived from Persia and dedicated his life to the service of mankind. Therefore, he was popularly known as Gharib Nawaz (the guardian of the poor). He followed a simple lifestyle. He graced the world by his presence. Later in his life, which spanned for nearly a hundred years, he retired to his cell and embraced death in complete solitude.

Significance of Urs Fair:

It marks the death of the great Sufi Saint. Devotees of the highly respected Khawja often call the city Ajmer Sharif.

Highlights of Urs Fair:

Prayers and Offerings:

During the Urs festival, a huge mass of devotees settles at the shrine of the saint. An assortment of people of several communities from all parts of the sub-continent flock to the shrine to pay homage to the Khawja.

Devotees make offerings called nazrana including jasmine and rose flowers, perfumes, sandalwood paste that adds aroma that floats in the air of the shrine and seek the blessings of the saint.

Those who get their wishes fulfilled, offer chadar, neema and ghilaph at the Dargah.

Mehfils and Quawwalis:

There are many professional singers during the fair, who sing praising the saint. Known as Quawwals, these singers sit outside the main worship place and create a divine atmosphere with their Quawwalis.

At night, religious assemblies known as mehfils are held in the mehfil-khana. Separate places have been made for women who attend the mehfil. The mehfil ends late in the night with a prayer for peace of Khwaja in particular and mankind in general.

Devotees come to participate in Urs Fair for enlightening their soul and pay homage to the Khwaja, which is a spectacle to behold.

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