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Urs at Galiyakot

Urs at Galiyakot

Location : Galiyakot in Dungarpur district
Time of the year:27th day of Moharram (the first month of the Islamic calendar)
Highlights : special ceremonies
Significance : Death anniversary of Saint Sayyed Fakhruddin.

Galiyakot is a small village situated on the banks of the Mahi river in the village Sagwara of beautiful Dungarpur district. People visit Galiyakot at the memorial of Sayyed Fakhruddin, who is known as the most revered saint.

The pilgrims gather here not only from different states in India but also from foreign countries.

Urs is celebrated on the 27th day of Moharram, the first month according to the Muslim calendar.
They converge here for the 'ziyarat' (pilgrimage) at the memorial of the saint. The mausoleum is known as Mazar-e-Fakhri.

Thousands of devotees converge at the shrine during this time to seek the blessings of the saint.

Significance of the Fair:

It is significant for a sect of the Ismaili Shia Muslims. The pilgrims gather at Galiyakot at the memorial of the great saint, Sayyed Fakhruddin.

Highlights of Urs Fair:

Prayers and Offerings

The devotees come from far and wide to offer prayers and seek the blessings of the saint. They make offerings that include fruits, coconut, sweets and jaggery.
The prayer they perform to get their wishes fulfilled is called mannat. Devotees come to the shrine even after their wishes are fulfilled.

Tomb Decoration and Holy Ceremonies

During the fair, the tomb is ornated with flowers and lit up with lamps. The ceremonies start with the mass prayer and recitation of the Holy Quran.
Songs are sung in the praise of the saint by a devotional gathering (majlis). The ceremonies of the Urs are lead by the Dai-ul-Mutlaq, the religious head of the gathering.

Rajasthan has people who belong to different faiths and the Urs at Galiyakot is such an occasion that marks the presence of people of different faiths.

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