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Desert National Park

Desert National Park

Total Area: 3162 square kilometres
Best time to visit: Throughout the year
Nearest Town: Jaisalmer (40 kilometres away)
Species found: Great Indian Bustard, Bengal Fox, Desert Fox, Chinkara, Wolf, Black Buck, Desert Cat etc.
More information: Field Director of Desert National Park in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

The Desert National Park is the perfect example of the ecosystem and the diverse fauna of the Thar Desert. Some of the resident wildlife species are namely Chinkara, Hare, Desert Fox, Black Buck, Wolf, Desert Cat to name just a few.

A major point of attraction in the the park is the Sudashri watch tower which enables the visitor to observe the inhabitant species of the sanctuary. It also offers an excellent opportunity for wildlife photography.

Bird life in this sandy habitat is spectacular. Wetland areas of the sanctuary will be seen frolicking by the resident avian species that include Bush Quail, Grey Patridge, Indian Rollers, Drongos, Green Bee-Eaters. The Great Indian Bustard is the most outstanding of the fauna found in the park. this epitome of grace can be easily seen surveying the desert national sanctuary.

Reptile species can also be seen in abundance in the Desert National Park. A tourist can easily sight Monitor Lizard, Spiny Tail Lizard and the Saw Scaled Viper.

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