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Dargah Sharif

One of the most sacred shrine for the Muslims, the Dargah Sharif is the true representative of the

Mughal style of architecture. The fair of Urs is held at the Dargah each year witnesses numerous pilgrims from all parts of the world.

Dargah Sharif Ajmer

The Dargah Sharif, the tomb of Khwaja Moin-Ud-Din Chisti, is one of the most sacred Muslim shrine. The Dargah is equally holy for the Hindus. He was a Sufi saint who devoted his life to the service of the poor. It is said that emperor Akbar traveled to Dargah all the way from Delhi on foot in order to wish for a heir. Fair of Urs is held every year at the Dargah in the remembrance of the late Khwaja.


A true representative of the Mughal style of architecture, the structure of the Dargah has the touches of Humayun to Shah Jahan. The actual tomb of the Sufi saint is made of marble and the dome in gold plated. The grave is surrounded by a silver railing and a marble screen. A separate prayer room built by Chimni Begum, Shah Jahan's daughter, exists for women.

Urs Fair

Urs fair is held every year in the remembrance of the great Sufi saint. The celebrations last for six days. During this festival, a number of devotees throng to the Dargah to offer prayers to the saint and seek his blessings.

During the Urs festival, a huge mass of devotees settles at the shrine of the saint. Different people from several communities, from all parts of the sub-continent, flock to the shrine to pay homage to the Khwaja. Devotees make offerings called nazrana including jasmine and rose flowers, perfumes, sandalwood paste that adds aroma that floats in the air of the shrine and seek the blessings of the saint. Those who get their wishes fulfilled, offer chadar, neema and ghilaph at the Dargah. Mehfils, religious assemblies, are held at night. Qawwals sing quawwalis in the praise of the saint. With the mass prayer offered for Khwaja in particular and mankind in general, the mehfil terminates.

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